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Security training concepts 

Dustin Manning

Training Director/Instructor/Co-Owner

Dustin Manning has been in the security industry for 22 years. Dustin has gained experience working in the unarmed/armed security field. His specialty is involved mainly working in low-income apartments working with clients and residents of the property. Dustin started working in the private security sector in 2001. Dustin has gained knowledge in criminal and civil law. Originally Dustin had planned on becoming a criminal/civil lawyer in his younger days. Dustin has accumulated certifications and instructor certifications including handcuffing, MEB (baton), OC, Taser M26/X26 series, DCJS Compliance Agent, unarmed/armed security officer, and personal protection Agent. Dustin is also certified in the following firearms, .38, 9mm, 40, .45, 12GA, and patrol rifle. Currently, Dustin Is also a Corrections Officer when not training students. Dustin Manning is also currently trained in CCIT (Correction Crises Intervention Team), and an FTO (Field Training Officer) for the DOC (Department of Corrections). 

Erik Schneider

School Owner

Erik is a US Navy Gulf War Veteran and a technology expert.  He has been in the legal industry for almost 20 years as a Private Investigator.  He had a thriving practice in Colorado for much of that time focusing on Criminal Defense and Pre-Trial/Pre-Sentence Mitigation work.

Erik is aggressive when necessary and yet is an excellent listener and interviewer.  He is able to parse complex fact patterns into logic-based workflows allowing him to focus on details which others may miss and that either support or dissemble the fact patterns.  He provides high-quality reports and expert testimony which are powerful tools for Client Counsel or in the Courtroom.

Erik has honed his skills in hundreds of Criminal Defense matters both Felony and Misdemeanor from Vehicular Homicide to DUI, Sexual Assault to Larceny and many wide-ranging Criminal matters.  During his tenor in Colorado Courts System, he had the honor of sitting at Counsel table as Advisory Witness helping to run Felony trials from the front line.

In Civil matters he has testified in State and Federal Courts as both standard witness and Expert witness dozens of times. These cases widely range from complex contract litigation to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) violation suits.  He is skilled at both taking or providing deposition.  His organization and case management skills are vital to Counsel in preparing evidence and witnesses for trial.

His experience led him to be nominated by the Colorado State Senate to the Judicial Performance Review Board for a four-year term.  The Board reviewed Judges performance and performed annual panel interviews to determine a Judges’ recommendation for retention on the bench.

Erik moved to Virginia in 2015 to take a position as Vice President of Risk Management for a 42-million-dollar corporation and managed a successful department of over 70 direct reports and also served on the Advisory Board to the CEO.  This experience augmented his practical skills in investigation with Corporate Risk Management expertise.  In 2019 he handed the turn-key department over to his successor to pursue his business.

In 2019 he opened EIC and within 18 months he successfully managed it to a Half-million dollar a year enterprise with over a dozen contract employees in the investigatory and Personal Protection departments.

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