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Q: Do you provide Security Services?

A: No. We are only a training school. Now if you're looking for security services, you may contact Erik with "Executive Investigations Consultants" at 301-200-1961 for security services, investigation services and personal protection services.

Q: Where do I go to register for a course, I can't find it.

A: Register here. All seats are a first come, first serve unless otherwise stated by the director. Any groups or security agency's wanting to get their officer's trained can contact the director for group rates. 

Q: What do I need for "Range Day?"

A: You will need 100 Rounds of ammo for your duty pistol. If you're qualifying/requalifying with more than one caliber, than you will have to have 100 rounds per pistol caliber. Shotgun (10 Rounds), Patrol Rifle (100 rounds), depending on the course being taught. You will need at least 3 magazines, a holster, magazine holster, eye and ear protection. You will need to wear jeans/combat pants that has belt loops so you can secure your duty belt or holster to your pants.  No loose clothing, no jogging pants, no open toes, boots or shoes only. Failure to adhere to the range rules will result in your delay in completing the range exam required by DCJS.

Q: I want to qualify with 2 different pistol calibers, how much extra?

A: It will be $20.00 additional as you will have to qualify with each caliber individually to carry in the performance of your duties. That will be one of the questions asked in the registration form. 

Q: I want to take a class, do you help with payments or partial-payments?

A: No. We do not accept any partial payments or financial agreements regarding classes. All payments are required upfront before any class begins

Q: What kind of payments do you take?

A: We take credit cards, cash, cashapp, money orders and cashier's cheques only. No personal cheques or business cheques are allowed.

Q: When will my credentials be available to me (Virginia Resident)?

A: Depending on the class that you have taken. If you taken an entry-level class, (01E for example) and never been in the system, it may take a bit for DCJS to get your credentials out to you. As long as you have taken the class before your 90 days are up, been finger printed per DCJS regulations prior to class, you can still work. DCJS will (once approved) send you a PDF temporary letterhead to your email on your DCJS profile so you can print and carry on your person in the performance of your duties (this is required). Once you have received your hard card in the mail, you can disregard the letterhead that you printed off.

Q: When will my credentials be available to me (Non-Resident)?

A: When you register with DCJS and you're an out of state resident, the letterhead that you receive from DCJS in your email will be your identification per DCJS regulations. Now you may go down to the local DMV and have your picture taken for a DCJS hard card. This is up to the individual. The letterhead will be your DCJS ID  -Non-Resident ONLY -  

Q: How long is your classes and are breaks and lunches included; do you have drinks or snacks?

A: Depending on the course and how long it is. If its a Entry-level course, lunch and breaks are part of the course which why it may seem longer, but its not. A In-Service course can run from 4  hours to 12 hours, depending on the course. We do have drinks and snacks. Water is free, can soda is $.50, bottle drinks are $1.00 and snacks are $.25

Q: Where is your school located?

A: 29 Stoneridge Dr Suite 205, Waynesboro, VA 22980. The office is only open when there is a class in session. All new class registrations must be completed online