Other Certified Classes

Certified Classes Not Related to DCJS

All certifications are good for 1 year from the date of certification.


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**For those that want to obtain,  MEB, OC, Taser, and Handcuffing are strongly encouraged to have these credentials in the performance of their duties. As per DCJS, you have to be "certified" to carry said tools on your duty belt. Please remember that the company you work for will have sole discretion if they want you to carry said tools on your duty belt. **Please make sure your company will allow you to carry OC, MEB, Taser, or Handcuffs. **

A waiver will be signed upon certification in any of the following classes, OC, MEB (Baton), Taser, and handcuffs.

If you have any questions regarding these courses and how they may affect you with your current employer, please email the training director at, director@securitytrainingconcepts.net

OC Spray Training - Make sure your can of OC is not expired and not above 10% 

Baton "MEB" Training - Please make sure you have a decent baton in good working order.

Handcuffing Training - Please make sure your cuffs are in good working order. 

Taser Training - Training will be only with 4 or more students. You will be required to get tased as part of your certification.