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Security Training Concepts is a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services-licensed company. It provides security officer training for clients in Virginia. All security officers are not trained equally. Security Training Concepts provides an engaging learning experience for all of our students. Our highly trained staff is comprised of instructors experienced in the private security and law enforcement fields. Because we actually care and are concerned about our students we ensure all of our graduates are capable, well-trained and qualified performers in their profession. We strive to develop long-term client partnerships, which are based on the trust and confidence that results from delivering quality instruction and exceeding expectations. We've helped numerous companies and individuals walk through the sometimes tricky world of regulatory compliance. We strive to develop long-term client partnerships, which are based on the trust and confidence that results from delivering quality instruction and exceeding expectations.

1. All Students MUST REGISTER for the class they wish to attend within 24 hours of the class start date.                                           Any questions regarding classroom training, call or email the director at the following email classroom@securitytrainingconcepts.net

2. All Students must sign in at the school 15 minutes before the scheduled class begins.

 All payments must be paid prior to start of class. NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS

3. Please bring pen and paper for note taking. If you forget, we got you covered. 

4. Absolutely NO LOADED Firearms in the classroom at ANY TIME.  NO magazine inserted and

    the upper receiver MUST be LOCKED OPEN / BACK and revolvers must have their cylinder open.

5. All firearms will be inspected by the instructor if your firearm is needed during firearms training courses.

6. Please confirm your dates for school training. If it's on the calendar, that is the current course available.

7. If you have to cancel, call or email us within 24 hours of the scheduled training course.

8. If the course states "Test Run", we are doing testing on our system and there is no actual courses on the selected dates we are testing the system on.

Available Seats 


Seat 1:  OPEN                           Seat 3: OPEN                                    Seat 5: OPEN

Seat 2: OPEN                           Seat 4: OPEN                                     Seat 6: OPEN



The Instructor of STC will be out of the office for 6 weeks for DOC Instructor academy Effectively 

9 May 2023 - 18 June 2023. Classes will resume on 19 June 2023

All students please make sure you register for your class within 24 hours of the class date and pay for your class prior to showing up. All payments must be paid within 24 hours of any class session

Check our calendar for all current classes being offered for the month

DCJS Registration / Logging into your account

If you never registered on DCJS before, click on the link below to register as a new user. You will have to put in your personal information to register for an DCJS ID. *This is only for new users* MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS OR YOUR TRAINING WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE PUT INTO THE SYSTEM AND YOU WILL HAVE TO REDO ALL TRAINING.

For new users, please follow this link --> New User Registration

For users that already have an account with DCJS and need to login in --> Current User Sign-In

To check on your application for a status through DCJS --> Check My Status and enter your DCJS# or your SS# for your status.

If you need to get ahold of DCJS pertaining to private security services, you may email them here 

or call them: (804) 786-4700 x6